Do you feel like you’re living two lives?

On the outside everything looks perfect. You’re a walking success, spreading confidence and self-esteem everywhere you go. Your work and home life are balanced, and everything appears ideal. However, the inside is a different story. You feel anxious, exhausted and filled with self-doubt.
Does this sound familiar?

The reality of our modern lives

As women, we women try to fit in and do our duty, striving to take care of and please others, while juggling a career, relationship and a family. It’s no wonder we can often lose ourselves in the process; and when that happens, we give away our power and are no longer in charge of our own lives.
We lose our energy and feel depleted. But who is to blame?

How can we lead others when we cannot lead ourselves?

Fighting against windmills

In order to compete in a ‘man’s world’ we, female leaders, often suppress our femininity and adopt ‘masculine behaviour’ to gain respect, to show we are ‘the boss’ and in control. As a result, we appear confident and superior to others, and while this works to a certain degree, women who take this approach often become more stressed, overwhelmed and are at risk of burning out.

Rather than leading ourselves to success, we’re leading ourselves in the opposite direction.This not only affects our own lives but ripples into our work and home life, affecting those around us.

Go Girl Womens Event

The world needs the real you

Discover where your real power lies. Surprise… it’s not where you think.
This seminar is a must for women in leadership, high achievers, ‘can do’s, perfectionists and perpetual pleasers who are truly tired, overwhelmed and desperate for a positive change. This is for you.

Lead yourself and others, the easy way.

Feminine strength is wise, collaborative, creative and intuitive.
Female leadership from the feminine essence is soft leadership. It’s not about being a badass, a martyr or a fighter against the odds: it’s more about inspiring, listening, trusting and encouraging instead. This is what people respond to, and this is what gets the best out of them.

What you will learn?

The meaning of focus The importance of “me”
Rising above trauma Refusing to be defined by loss and abuse
Turning your weakness into strength Becoming the leader that others are inspired to work with

Who is this for?

Corporate Executive You’ve got to the top, or are close, but you’re still feeling unfulfilled. You’re wondering what it’s all for.
Crossroads Those who are at a crossroads and looking for courage and direction on what to do next
Business owners Overwhelmed, overworked and underappreciated
Women Who want to step into their feminine power and create a life that truly works on every level

Hello, I’m Ingrid Vercammen – ex CEO of million-dollar pancake company, Van Dyck Fine Foods Ltd also known as “Marcel’s”. I help female solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and female leaders.

With a background in marketing, media, psychotherapy, business, as well as difficult life experiences, I can now teach women how to become better leaders and overcome serious setbacks. I also teach them how to find the focus and determination to move forward in their life and career, and how to use their natural feminine energy to lead and inspire.

Once you harness this energy, you’ll find great meaning and understanding in why and how life has got you to where you are now, letting you make an empowered choice to change it.

In ‘You Go Girl’, I share my own story of transformation from a laundry list of setbacks where I appeared to be in control, but was in reality deeply exhausted on the inside: and how I turned it around through self-empowerment to give me happiness that I had never felt before.

It took me 60 years, but it doesn’t have to be the same for you. I have made it my mission in life to use my transformation journey and help women achieve control, fulfilment and happiness in all areas of their lives.


“Your determination is an inspiration.”

Romuald Rudzki


“You’re one strong inspirational woman! I got caught up with the emotion of it. You got my attention as an audience member.”

Maria Smith


“Your vision of life is remarkable, always turning negative to positive.”

Lieve Nuyts

“Live your best life and learn to eliminate what is holding you back. Grab a girlfriend and make an evening of it.” Get the heart of feminine leadership.

When: Wednesday 10th April 2019
Where: Len Lye Centre, 42 Queen St, New Plymouth 4310
Start 6.00pm with nibbles, wine, networking
Speech from 7.00 till 8.00pm
Cost: $50 (inclusive of GST)

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